Sightseeing Kelva

Shitladevi Temple

From kelva beach: 0km

The Township of Kelva is situated on the Western Railway, nearly 75 Kilometers from Mumbai Central Railway Station, about 12 Kilometers from Palghar and Saphale Railway Stations and about 6 Kilometers away from Kelva Road Railway Station the word ‘Kelva’ is a corruption of the Sanskrit word ‘Kardalivaha’ this means that the township of Kelva has an important place to the Mythology and History.....

Kelva Beach

From kelva beach: 0km

The waves are slamming. The sun is setting. People are giggling and grasping under the sunset. The feel of the sand squishes gradually through your toes as you merrily stroll down the shoreline of the outer banks. If your favourite place to unwind yourself is beach then Kelva Beach is the place to be! The best feeling is to take a gander at the sun when it starts to set.......learn more

Kelva Beach Fort

From kelva beach: 0km

Kelva fort has a great glorified history. The fort was built by Portuguese amid the sixteen century and is situated at the southern end of the lovely and peaceful Kelva beach. The fort was utilized by Chathrapathi Shivaji Maharaja amid his Maratha rule. The fort offers dazzling all-encompassing perspectives of the natural surroundings secured by greenish Suru trees and ocean.....

Kelva Pankot

From kelva beach: 1km

Kelve Pankot fort surrounded by water from all the sides, give enchanting eye-catching experience amid the tidal procession and recessions. The fort offers a scenic perspective of the coastline. The fort offers a superb perspective of the ocean. Kelve Pankot is situated at a small distance from the Kelva beach toward the south, in the midst of ocean and can be visited only during low tide. This was based on a stone where Danda creek meets the ocean.......

Kelva Beach Sunset

From kelva beach: 0km

Peace. Quietness. Satisfaction. A blend of these makes the unmatched inclination that overpowers you when you are at the Sunset Point in Kelva Beach, viewing the sun setting down in the sea and leaving those beautiful blends of hues in the sky. There's a relieving sorcery to the sounds of the ocean that can't be discovered anywhere else. Sunset Point in Kelva Beach gives you a beautiful perspective of the setting sun......


From kelva beach: 2km around

Experience organic farming at its finest in Kelva Agriculture. Kelva is known for its farming. If you want to eat healthy, then Kelva has a lot to offer. Vegetables and fruits are grown in a certified organic farm. Moreover, you can not only see this but also buy them from the local vegetable market. All season available fruits are coconut, betel, chikoo and papaya which are easily available in local market......

Kelva Dam

From kelva beach: 10km

Kelva Dam built many years back to supply water to the ranchers of the Palghar region. This has been a dam used to store water in the Kelva zone. Many individuals go to this place, particularly amid the ends of the week for a relaxing getaway. The beauty of the dam gets more enhanced during monsoon season. It is tranquil, near Mumbai and still natural. ......

Danda Creek Bridge

From kelva beach: 1.5km

oming by car from Kelva Beach, take Kelva bazar road, It will take approximately 8 minutes from the beach to reach to Kelva Danda bridge. Bridge connects to Kelva and Saphale village. Enjoy the beautiful sea view, while you sitting here. It is a very calming place with not so much people around......

Others Places

From kelva beach: 2km around

The beauty of Kelva lies in its diversity. Since different religions people live in Kelva, you will notice many temples, two Majids and one Church. Great place for spiritual people to pray and achieve inner peace......

Around Kelva

Ashapuri & Shiv Mandir

From kelva beach: 11km

Each one of us knows the energy of spirituality. It gives you positivity in life. If you love visiting temples then Ashapuri temple and Shankar temple should be on your bucket list. Ashapuri temple is situated in the ocean. The temple of the Goddess Ashapuri is in a cave where the space requirements and points of confinement just a single devotee to go in and slither out......


From kelva beach: 4km

Bhavangad is based on a small hill. The fort was constructed amid the season of Vasai battle, right amidst the monsoons. Since the fort was to be worked in less time, the dividers were worked by simply setting the stones and no cementing material was utilized. The western passage of fort is of Gomukhi style. The curve of this passage is broken, however, the bastion and the dividers are in place.......

Shree Swami Samarth Math

From kelva beach: 8km

Rothe is a little town honoured to have the presence of Shree Swami Samarth. Rothe located barely 1 km from Kelva Road railroad station makes it an effectively available place for pioneers from Mumbai and different spots. Kelva Road Rothe town completely cut off from the group and contamination of the considerable city Mumbai. The math is constructed by a Pune family......

Shirgaon Fort

From kelva beach: 11km

Shirgaon Fort is roughly 13 km far from the Palghar Station. According to localities, this Shirgaon Fort was worked by the Portuguese and was later won by the Marathas in 1738 alongside the Dahanu Fort, Tarapur, Kelve and Asherigad Fort under the capable administration of Chimaji Appa. Nonetheless, in 1818, the Britisher captured this Fort. This been a land fort henceforth no trekking is required......

Kelva Mahim fort

From kelva beach: 6km

The historical backdrop of Kelva Mahim fort is about 800-1000 yrs back (Kille Vasai Mohim). Comprising a little Bhavanimata temple. The fort, encompassed by the water, give captivating eye-getting background.The fort is square fit as a fiddle and had a little passageway. The dividers of the fort are not exceptionally tall. Inside there is a staircase which prompts the upper bastion of the fort and furthermore the dividers of the fort......

Devi Darshan

From kelva beach: 15km around

If you are in Kelva and didn't do the Devi Darshan then you missed a lot. Located at approximately 10 KM from Kelva, there are 10 different temples of Devi Maa. This is a popular place among the Devotees and has a huge visitors during Navratri Utsav.....